Increase Laptop Performance - 10 Easy and Free Ways to Increase Your Laptop Performance

As Featured On EzineArticlesWhether you realize it or not, your laptop's performance decreases from day to day. This may be caused by too many stores data such as songs, games, ebook and many more. Use this method to improve the performance of your laptop with you again.

First, make sure you remove all the files you no longer use. A simple way is to use Disk Cleanup. But remember, not all files can be removed using Disk Cleanup, such as games, song where you need to remove manually.

Second, remove all cookies, browser history. Why? Every time you surf the Internet, some web site data is automatically stored in your laptop with you to facilitate and speed up loading to the website if you want to re-enter. Third, do Disk Defragment. Disk Defragment work to compile the data so that performance have increased your laptop.

Fourth, while browsing the Internet, open the browser window only 50%. This is because it has been proven to accelerate the loading of web pages visited. Next, make sure your laptop background should be simple and just one color. This will reduce the use of RAM for the background and allows other programs loading faster.

Seventh, select and use the best antivirus. Some antivirus cause the slow performance of your laptop as NAV. Eighth, If you want the best performance while playing games or see movies, make sure no other programs open at the same time.

Ninth, make sure you choose the best power option and instead to save power. Finally, before the start to see movies or play games, make sure you change the settings to best performance.
Good luck.:)

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